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We want to connect with talented and self motivated people that will continue to grow, learn, and take advantage of opportunities to be better in their role and as people. We pride ourselves on our dynamic culture, outstanding service, and our ability to genuinely build relationships with our each other, our clientele, and our referral community. A great culture is built on solid working relationships that are aligned with the purpose and values of a business. Before connecting with us, check out our purpose and values to see if we’ll be a great fit for each other.


We enable people to enjoy each step of their journey


  • We care for our team so we can care for our clients

  • We continually strive for better

  • Holistic care that help our clients for each step of their journey

Together, we never stop growing and learning hence why we invest heavily in our team and technology so we are well equipped with the latest skills and technology to get better outcomes for our clientele, referral community, and each other. We rise up to challenges, we go above and beyond, and we always do right by our clientele, referral community, and each other.

Practitioner Application

All of our team undergo a thorough and comprehensive induction and are all trained in the following:

  • Hip, knee, ankle, and foot biomechanical assessments.

  • Video Gait Analysis

  • Foot and Lower Limb Strapping

  • Foot Mobilisation Therapy

  • Trigger Point Dry Needling

  • Exercise Prescription

  • Paromed Orthotic Modelling

  • Parotec In-shoe Pressure

  • Orthotic therapy and troubleshooting.

  • Cycling Assessments

  • Australia’s leading diabetic assessment that includes the use of in-shoe pressure analysis for prevention rather than treatment of wounds.

  • Falls Prevention Assessments and an evidence based intervention specific to podiatry using footwear, orthotics, and exercise prescription.

  • PACT therapy.

  • Footwear fitting, modifications, and trouble shooting.

    With opportunity to learn:

  • PNA and TNA surgeries with LA ring block of the toe.

  • Multiple puncture and curettage for stubborn warts with LA ring block of the whole foot and if required suturing.

  • Hydrodialation therapy.

  • Prolotherapy therapy.

    You can check out our Facebook page to get a better feel for who we are and see our team in action.

    If you’ve done your due diligence and are thinking that we sound like your dream team, connect with us by completing the form below and we can chat.


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Support Team application

Our support team members are provided with learning and support throughout their induction so they are set up to win. Each team member is supported to grow and develop in their career so they can be the best version of themselves. Joining The Feet People is like joining another a second family.

To register your interest as a support team member please complete the form below.