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Your Foot & LEgs Problems Solved

Fixing feet & Legs is what we do best


Foot, Leg, Knee, & Hip Pain

Do you suffer from pain or discomfort in the lower limbs during or following any form of activity?

We utilise the latest technology to assess the biomechanics of your lower limbs and then determine how we can implement a range of treatment options specific to your individual needs and goals.


Falls Prevention

Is a recent fall or a fear of falling preventing you from doing what you love?

We utilise the latest technology to assess your lower limbs and then determine how we can best implement a proven falls prevention program that can reduce the risk of falls by 36%. (Spink et. al. 2011). This service can be offering in store or in the comfort of your home.


Unique feet

Are your feet unique? Have you referred to your feet as funny, different, quirky, or odd?

If this sounds like something you can relate to then we can help you learn a little more about what makes your feet unique and how you can manage them throughout each step of your unique life journey.



Are you a diabetic? Are you aware of your diabetic foot risk status? Can you recall the last time you had a diabetic foot assessment?

We utilise the latest technology in diabetic foot screening to determine your diabetic foot risk status and then recommend an individual prevention or treatment plan based on the Australian and International Guidelines on Diabetic Foot Disease.

We now offer Australia's leading diabetic assessment protocol that includes and ABPI/TPI and an in-shoe pressure assessment. This is in line with our commitment to clinical excellence and ensuring that our patients receive the latest in medical innovations.

For moderate to high risk diabetic feet we have access to a range of diabetic friendly footwear and we utilise the Parotec In Shoe pressure system to ensure your risk of diabetic ulcerations is minimised.


Lower Limb circulation

Do you suffer from circulation issues?

We utilise a doppler ultrasound in combination with ankle brachial index or toe pressure testing to determine if there is adequate blood flow to the lower limbs. These tests are also important for diabetics or people suffering from lower limb swelling.

These test allow for the safe prescription of compression therapy for the treatment of lower limb swelling.


nail & skin of the feet

Do you have painful, unsightly, smelly, or hard to manage nail or skin conditions?

We utilise the latest technology to diagnose and treat nail and skin conditions for short and long term management of the condition.


growing feet & legs

Are you worried about your kids feet and legs during their development? Are your kids complaining of pain during activity?

We can help take the worry away and help your kids play pain free.

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Pregnant feet & legs

Sore, tired and achy feet when your already dealing with the exhaustion of growing your beautiful baby?

We can help you stay healthy, happy and on your feet during your pregnancy.

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home visit service

Do you need us to bring the service to you?

Our home visiting podiatrist can come to your home.

We bring the capability of the clinic to you.


not sure?

Are you unsure if we can help you?

Our friendly team are here to help. Call to make an obligation free ten minute discussion with one of our knowledgable podiatrists.


Refer to us

Are you a health professional building your professional referral network?

We utilise the latest technology to assess lower limbs and then determine how we can implement a range of treatment options specific to our client’s needs and goals.

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partner with us

Is your organisation looking to partner with a company who is committed to getting better outcomes for your clients as well as your organisation? Look no further.

Services & Technology

Biomechanical services for lower limb pain


High speed video gait analysis

A useful tool that improves your understanding of the way you walk/run and why this may influence your condition, helps determine whether your footwear is beneficial to your lower limb health, allows the practitioner to identify any biomechanical abnormalities that may be contributing to your concern, and provides visual feedback on the practitioner’s treatment interventions and how they may be helping you.


custom orthotics & Thongs

Our practitioners are in control of modelling your orthotic device every step of the way so we ensure you get the best possible outcomes. We back every foot orthotic with an unconditional guarantee as we stand behind our clinical skills and will continue to work with you if you have any concerns at all regarding your orthotics.

Our team can manufacture your orthotics into Thongs. An essential for the warmer months.

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Parotec In Shoe Pressure

A useful tool that improves your understanding of what your feet are doing inside your footwear, helps determine whether your footwear is beneficial to your lower limb health, allows the practitioner to identify excessive pressure that may be contributing to your concern, and provides visual feedback on the practitioner’s treatment interventions and how they may be helping you.


Falls Prevention Program

Preventing falls from the ground up. Our practitioners are trained to assess for risk factors of falls and implement a proven falls prevention program that can reduce the risk of falls by 36%. (Spink et. al. 2011)


Paromed Laser foot scanner

We use a highly accurate and efficient Paromed 3D laser foot scanner for plantar foot scanning. No more wasted time or mess from a plaster cast impression of the foot. Every contour of your foot will be captured as laser scanning is far more accurate. We can scan your foot under no load, partial load or full weight bearing load to best capture the function of your foot to ensure the best outcomes with your orthotics.


Gait Re-training

Modifying your walking or running gait may be beneficial to your condition. Our practitioners can tweak your style or give some pointers on how to improve your efficiency so you can achieve your goals.


foot mobilisation & Manipulation

There are thirty three (33) joints in each foot. Foot mobilisation and manipulation is a useful manual therapy that improves joint mobility and congruency. This assists the muscles surrounding the joints to work more efficiently which ultimately leads to effective pain relief and improved performance.


Neuromuscular Dry Needling

Tight muscles causes pain, tension, and reduced joint range of motion. Dry Needling is the technique of releasing myofascial trigger points or tight bands of muscles with fine needles. It may improve joint range of motion and provides relief of the pain and tension that is caused by musculoskeletal dysfunction in both acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

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exercise prescription

Physitrack allows our team to onboard, engage, educate, and stay connected with your exercise program throughout your rehabilitation journey. The application collects real time outcome data so we keep you honest and accountable to reaching your goals.

Diabetic Services

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Diabetic assessments

There are more than 4,400 amputations every year in Australia as a result of diabetes. This is 4,400 reasons to end amputations. Our team utilises the latest technology to perform lower limb diabetic neurological, vascular, and the Parotec in shoe pressure analysis. This is currently Australia’s leading diabetic foot assessment. Follow up assessments are based on your foot risk status to prevent you from becoming part of the amputation statistic.

Nail & Skin Care


PACT Therapy for fungal nails

Fungal infections can cause the nails to thicken, discolour and deform. If you are embarrassed by your fungal nails then we have a pain free, effective and quick procedure. Over three brief treatments your nails may be lush again.

There is evidence backing this treatment. Baltazar et al. 2015 found that patients who were unresponsive to other standard treatments, including oral antifungals responded to PACT Therapy. Figueiredo et al. 2016 concluded that PACT had a 100% success rate for mild to moderate fungal nail infections and a 63.5% success rate for severe fungal nail infection. Our team follow the protocols utilised in these studies to give you the best possible outcome.


General foot care & Surgery

Our general foot care treatments cover all items including nail care, callous debridement, plantar warts treatments, and footwear advice.

Our practitioners are trained to perform surgery under a local anaesthetic. We utilise the wound dressings, post-surgical care and pain management including agents to reduce the pain at the local anaesthetic injection site. 

Does your podiatrist guarantee results with orthotic therapy? We do!

Does your podiatrist guarantee results with orthotic therapy? We do!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are committed to podiatry excellence and ensuring that our customers receive value for custom made orthotics. Our team will only prescribe custom made orthotics for the treatment of lower limb conditions when clinically required to get the best outcomes for our customers. However, we appreciate that the purchase of orthotics are a significant investment so we want to make this decision as easy as possible by taking a large part of that risk ourselves via our satisfaction guarantee.

If in the first sixty (60) days after receiving your orthotics, you do not fell that the orthotics have significantly helped your current condition, or you are at all unhappy with the product then we will do the following:

  • We will make the necessary adjustments to your devices to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

  • If this does not correct the issue or you are just not happy with the products we will give you a refund.

This is our commitment and guarantee to you.

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