Practitioner Application

Are you ready to take your podiatry career to the next level?

Apply to become part of our team here at The Feet People.

All of our podiatry team undergo a thorough and comprehensive induction and are all trained in the following:

Hip, knee, ankle, and foot biomechanical assessments.
Video gait analysis.
Foot and lower limb strapping.
Foot mobilisation therapy.
Trigger point dry needling.
Exercise prescription.
Paromed orthotic modelling.
Parotec in-shoe pressure.
Orthotic therapy and troubleshooting.
Cycling assessments.
PACT fungal nail treatment.
Shockwave Therapy.
SWIFT Wart Therapy.
Australia’s leading diabetic assessment that includes the use of in-shoe pressure analysis for prevention, rather than treatment, of wounds.
Falls prevention assessments and an evidence based intervention, specific to podiatry, using footwear, orthotics, and exercise prescription.
Footwear fitting, modifications, and trouble shooting.

With the opportunity to learn:

PNA and TNA surgeries with LA ring block of the toe.
Multiple puncture and curettage for stubborn warts with LA ring block of the whole foot and if required suturing.

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Monday - 7:30AM-6PM
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