Running Assessment

Whether you’re already an avid runner or just starting on your running journey, our running assessments help you prevent pain and recover from injury by optimising your running technique. This means fewer interruptions to your running (whether it’s part of event training or for your overall health and well-being), so you can keep working towards your fitness goals and meeting your milestones.

As of 2023, we’re proud to host an after work social run club every week at Windsor. This is a free community event hosted by one of our highly skilled podiatrists with an extensive background in elite-level running. No matter what your ability - you'll be in great hands! Register for our run club here.

What is a running assessment? 

A running assessment is an analysis of your running technique throughout all the different phases of running, as assessed using video gait analysis, foot pressure assessment, and the vast expertise of our experienced podiatry team - some of whom are elite runners themselves. From the results of your running assessment, we can provide a detailed assessment that is used to highlight any biomechanical defects and inefficiencies in your technique that may be increasing your risk of injury, or be the cause of any current pain. 

The Process:

1. To start, you and your podiatrist will discuss your current running goals, habits, and any difficulties you’ve been experiencing with your running. We will also discuss your current training program if you have one, the surfaces you run on throughout the week as well as the shoes you wear. You don’t need to be facing challenges in your running to benefit from this assessment - many people feel like they’re making good progress, but understand that there’s likely more they can be doing, and adaptations they can be making, to improve their running efficiency and further their progress.

2. A running-specific strength assessment is performed to highlight any potential weaknesses and restrictions, as well as screen for any problem areas mentioned in the initial discussion.

3. The main aspect of this session is the running analysis, which is done on the treadmill in the clinic. Video analysis will be taken from different angles at a variety of running paces which will depend on the type of sessions you undertake throughout the week.

4. Your podiatrist will then go through the findings with you and explain what was found in the analysis.

5. If required, another video is captured to highlight potential improvements. 


There are many potential benefits from completing a running assessment, and the benefits you gain will depend on your key goals, which may include running without pain, reaching fitness testing goals, beginning a running program safely, increasing your weekly mileage or hitting a personal best. Some of the benefits you may experience may include:

Do I have to be a professional runner to get a running assessment?

Absolutely not, our running assessments are for anyone who is wanting to run safely, addressing running concerns or pains, optimise their running technique, and generally just get the most out of their running. Our running assessment is individually tailored depending on the skill level of the runner.

Who will conduct my running assessment?

Our running assessments are currently being completed by our fantastic podiatrist, Steph, who is a National Medallist and elite level runner with experience in coaching athletes. She is a qualified podiatrist and has a passion for biomechanical analysis. 

From her experience, Steph can provide guidance in terms of what your runners' week should potentially look like in order to reach your goals if you're not currently under instructions from a coach. She has a love for assisting with improving a runner's technique and prescribing (where necessary) appropriate running drills and technique cues. She can also identify areas within the body that require further strengthening. Steph also leads our weekly social run club.

Common Running Injuries

We see a range of running-related injuries across our podiatry clinics, with common injuries including:

Join Our Run Club

Running is great - and doing it collectively with a group of like-minded locals, while being led by a knowledgeable podiatrist and an elite runner all for free is even better! That’s why in 2023, we’ve formed a weekly run club to help our community optimise their running and stay injury-free, while getting a great workout together.

When: Every Wednesday at 5:30 pm

Location: Downey Park, 70 Noble St, Windsor QLD 4030

Coach: Stephanie Bain, podiatrist and elite runner

All fitness and running levels are welcome. This is a time-based walk/run, allowing everyone to start and finish at the same time. 

Benefits of joining our social run club include: 

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