WorkCover Injuries

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Just because injuries happen at work, doesn’t mean you have to be left dealing with their painful or limiting consequences for years to come - or the confusing paperwork. Up to one fifth of workplace injuries in Australia have involved the feet, toes or the lower limbs, and with so many professionals constantly on their feet and on the go, it’s no surprise.

Our podiatrists are registered WorkCover service providers, dedicated to providing you with the best care and rehabilitation so you can return to work safely - and importantly - get back to feeling great on your feet.  

Can I Claim WorkCover For Podiatry Treatments?

Yes, if you suffer a foot or leg injury and have your WorkCover claim accepted with podiatry noted as a modality of treatment, then you can have your podiatry treatments with us covered with no copayments. If your WorkCover claim is still in the process of being approved, you can still see us and cover the cost of the appointment yourself, and then be reimbursed by WorkCover once your claim has been approved.

Sometimes, people may need supporting evidence from a podiatrist to submit along with their claim, such as a detailed medical report to help determine if podiatry care is needed. If that’s the case, we’re happy to help with an initial WorkCover assessment appointment.

Generally speaking, you will have a strong case for WorkCover compensation if you sustain a foot or leg injury while at work, while you’re travelling to or from work, during a scheduled work break or as a direct result of doing your job. 


You don’t need a referral to see us. If you have an approved WorkCover Queensland claim number and a current medical certificate completed by your GP, you can book directly in with our experienced podiatrists and start your journey to recovery and wellbeing.


As part of your rehabilitation, our podiatrists will carry out a comprehensive assessment to understand the extent and nature of your injuries, and create a custom injury management plan. Over time as you progress, we will reassess and make adjustments to your plan as needed to give you the best outcomes safely and efficiently. These assessments are shared with your GP, case worker and other members of your care team, so everyone stays up to date with your progress. Your comprehensive assessment with us includes:

Types of Foot Injuries We Treat Under WorkCover

We treat an extensive range of foot, leg, ankle and toe injuries under WorkCover. These include:

Toe Injuries

Ankle Injuries

Foot Injuries

Leg Injuries

Podiatry Treatment Services Under WorkCover

Your care with us is comprehensive and may include a wide range of our services delivered by our qualified, experienced podiatrists. These may involve:

Making A Podiatrist Appointment Through WorkCover

To book your appointment with our podiatrists, give us a call on 1300 993 338 and have your WorkCover claim number ready alongside your medical certificate from your GP to bring with you. We’ll take care of the rest while you focus on your recovery.

Visit one of our Brisbane Podiatry clinics

If you would like to talk to one of our team, visit us at one of two Brisbane based locations, CBD & Newmarket.

Discover our other services & treatments

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Front view of two feet with the PACT machine treating a fungal nail on the big toe


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