Nail Restoration (Keryflex)

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Feeling stuck between trying to paint your nails to disguise their appearance or hiding them inside closed-in shoes and socks year-round? 

You’re not alone. Conditions like fungal nail infections that degrade the appearance of our nails aren’t just frustrating or embarrassing, they’re also shown to be physically and psychologically distressing to those affected. This is where Keryflex, performed by our Brisbane podiatrists, instantly restores confidence and satisfaction when wearing open-toed shoes or walking in bare feet by painlessly transforming the appearance of damaged, discoloured or infected toenails in a single appointment. 

What Is Keryflex?

Keryflex is a safe and effective cosmetic nail restoration service that creates a new flexible, breathable and natural-looking nail over your existing damaged nail. Keryflex nails look and feel natural, while maintaining a healthy environment for the original nail to grow out beneath. 

Who Is Keryflex Nail Restoration For?

We use Keryflex extensively on both men and women who are unsatisfied with the appearance of their toenails and want them to look healthy and thriving. Often, this is to help nails that are: 

The breathable and intuitive nature of Keryflex means that it’s also a perfect adjunct for those undergoing our PACT antifungal treatment, creating a natural and healthy-looking nail after the treatment sessions are complete while the new nail grows out beneath without restrictions or compromise. 

How Keryflex Restores Damaged Nails

Keryflex restores the appearance of damaged nails by creating a new nail made of a safe, patented resin that is exclusively available to podiatrists. We use a three-step procedure to create the new nail in one appointment. This involves:

  1. Applying a bonding agent that safely optimises the adhesion of the Keryflex resin to the natural nail, helping ensure the nail’s durability and long-lasting nature.
  2. Applying the light-weight, medical-grade resin, which allows the podiatrist to create the nail to perfectly match your toe and natural nail.
  3. Applying the sealant and curing it with UV light, sealing the nail and making it non-porous and non-permeable. This means the nail is unaffected by regular products or even nail polish remover, so can be painted as desired and treated like your real nail.

The Keryflex nail does not damage or have any unwanted effects on your existing nail, which is free to continue to grow healthy and strong beneath. For many of our patients, this means that by the time they finish with the Keryflex system and the Keryflex nail is removed, they are left with their original nail in a better condition and with a better appearance that they are happy to show to the world.

Benefits Of Keryflex Nail Restoration

Our patients love the ease and convenience of the Keryflex system, alongside its many benefits including:

Keryflex vs Acrylic

Acrylic nails are best known as the fake nails that are applied in a nail salon. While they improve the appearance of the nails, they come at a cost:

Before And After Nail Restoration Using Keryflex

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Where To Buy Keryflex

Keryflex is a specialised treatment only available to podiatrists. Before being able to use the Keryflex system, podiatrists must undergo additional training to ensure quality and consistency with each Keryflex nail application, giving you the very best results. As such, it is not available for purchase by the general public.

Your Nail Restoration Procedure


You don’t need a referral to have Keryflex. Book your appointment with us either online or by calling us on (07) 3356 3579. We’ll first assess your suitability for the service, which involves having at least 15% of your original nail still attached to bond to the new Keryflex nail and being deemed suitable based on your existing medical conditions and circumstances (see our FAQs).

Your Appointment

Your appointment starts by reviewing your nails, discussing your concerns and all of your options, and confirming that Keryflex is right for you. After this, we prepare your nail, trimming and filing it down to create the best surface to work with while promoting healthy new nail growth. Then the bonding agent, resin and sealant are applied. Appointment times are typically 20 to 30 minutes, depending on how many toenails are being restored.


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