Lower Back Pain

A woman's lower back wearing purple maroon activewear

You may not automatically think it, but your feet and their functionality are likely playing a role when you experience lower back pain. 

When we move, our feet cause a chain reaction through the body, which includes the lower back. This is why one of the major causes of lower back pain is incorrect positioning or alignment of your pelvis while walking, which can often be attributed to poor foot mechanics.

Lower back pain often presents as tension, stiffness or pain, specifically felt during standing or moving of the lower body. This pain can often correct itself within a couple of weeks, however, if it's connected to poor foot function, your pain could continue until the biomechanical function of your feet and legs are corrected. 

Our podiatrists can assess you, to see whether poor foot function, including flat feet, asymmetry between your feet, or leg length discrepancy, is contributing to your lower back pain. 

Common causes of lower back pain


Sciatica is a very broad term to describe ongoing lower back and leg pain, particularly affecting the buttocks area. You may experience symptoms from your lower back all the way down to your feet.

Are you experiencing pain elsewhere?

Hip pain

Knee pain

Leg pain

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