PACT Fungal Nail Treatment Brisbane

Front view of two feet with the PACT machine treating a fungal nail on the big toe

Looking for fungal nail treatment in Brisbane?

A safe, effective, and pain-free treatment for your fungal nail issues.

PACT stands for Photodynamic Antimicrobial Therapy. This machine utilises the interaction of light with photosensitive agents to produce an energy transfer and local chemical effect. This kills and destroys fungal infections without causing harm to the healthy nail tissues.

This technology is supported by evidence based practice: 

Just ask the experts

  • Baltazar et al. 2015 reported that patients who were unresponsive to other standard treatments, including oral antifungals responded to PACT.
  • Figueiredo Souza et al. 2014 reported that PACT had a 100% success rate for mild to moderate and a 63.5% success rate for severe onychomycosis infections.

Hence, this treatment means no more ineffective over the counter fungal nail treatments in the forms of nail paints or creams. It is also an alternative option for those not wishing to take the harsh oral medication.

We offer this service at our Newmarket and Brisbane City clinics. 

The Process

1. Dermatological Assessment

During this appointment, our podiatrists will administer diagnostic testing to confirm the presence of a fungal infection. Once confirmed, they can take you through the various treatment options. If PACT is your preferred option, the podiatrist will implement your treatment plan, which is usually 3 sessions, 1 week apart. 

Our podiatrist will then reduce the thickness of the nail through chemical and mechanical debridement, removing as much of the infected unhealthy fungal toenail as possible. You will also receive an information flyer and at home preparation kit, which you will need to administer to your fungal nail/s prior to each PACT appointment.

2. PACT sessions - 3 x appointments

3. Review Appointment

This appointment is scheduled 4-12 weeks following the last PACT treatment. We re-assess the nail/s to ensure the healthy nail is growing out. 

How many nail treatments are required?

The number of PACT treatments required will depend on the severity of your infection. 

As a guide, we may recommend the following:

3 x PACT sessions
1 -2 review sessions following your last PACT appointment, usually 3 and 6 months post therapy.

3 x PACT sessions
1 -2 review sessions following your last PACT appointment, usually 3 and 6 months post therapy.
You may require a follow-up 1 x PACT session at the 3 or 6 month reviews. 

3 x PACT sessions
1 -2 review sessions following your last PACT appointment, usually 1, 2 and 6 months post therapy.
You will most likely require a follow-up 1 x PACT session at the 3 or 6 month reviews. 

The podiatrist generally recommends 3 initial treatments, 1 week apart, followed by a review 4-12 weeks after your final appointment. At your review, they can assess your condition, and recommend any further PACT treatments from there. 


Visit one of our Brisbane Podiatry clinics

If you would like to talk to one of our team, visit us at one of two Brisbane based locations, CBD & Newmarket.

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