Exo-Brace: The Ultimate Ankle Brace For Sprain Protection 

Exo Brace

Ankle sprains are a frustrating and all-too-common problem that can have a significant impact on our everyday lives. Yet, just because ankle sprains are common, does not mean that they are normal.

Ankle sprains affect us in many ways, from missing out on sports games, to making it uncomfortable to navigate the workplace, to being unable to walk the dog with the grandkids. We’re proud to offer an innovative and leading solution that has transformed the way that ankle sprains are treated and that is proven to prevent ankle sprains in 95% of cases: the EXO-Brace.

What Is The Exo-Brace?

The Exo-Brace is a unique brace that seamlessly wraps around your ankle, with an optimal fit ensured by the fact that it is custom-made for your ankle from a 3D scan paired with a comprehensive foot and ankle assessment completed by our Brisbane podiatrists. 

It works by acting as an extra supporting and stabilising ligament on the outside of your ankle, kicking in at the very moment before your ankle ligaments are forcefully overstretched during a sprain, cradling the ankle and keeping it in a painless ‘safe’ zone. Unlike other braces, the Exo-Brace is not heavy, clunky or uncomfortable, and doesn’t restrict your movement as you walk or play - instead it allows your full natural ankle movement until the moment before you sprain your ankle where it kicks in - much like how a seatbelt works.

Benefits Of The Exo-Brace

The Exo-Brace is unlike any other anti-sprain device we’ve ever seen before. It is producing superior results to any taping methods and any other braces or devices, which are often unable to be used during sports due to their unnatural and restrictive nature. The benefits our patients are seeing include:

Introducing the Exo-Up Brace:

The Exo-Up Brace is designed for management of foot drop.

Foot drop is a condition that causes difficulty or inability to lift the front part of the foot due to weak or paralyzed muscles.

Causes of foot drop can be:

The Exo-Up Brace is adjustable and customizable to accommodate different levels of foot drop and individual comfort preferences. The brace sits around the ankle, and has attachments that loop into patches that are added to footwear, to assist ankle dorsiflexion. This ensures adequate clearance of the ground and reduced risks of trips, falls and fatigue.

Unlike other ankle-foot orthotics, the EXO-UP Brace is small and can easily be covered by trousers. By providing the necessary support and correction, this brace enables individuals with drop foot to regain mobility, stability, and confidence in their daily activities.

Who Is It For?

The Exo-Brace is perfect for anyone that has a history of ankle sprains or is worried about spraining their ankle, which includes:

Professional athletes

The brace is used by many professional athletes around the world, ranging from international hockey players to those in netball, volleyball, tennis, squash, basketball and soccer.

Social players

Many of our patients simply enjoy participating in their social sports team or being able to go for a run on the weekends without constantly watching where they’re stepping in the fear that they may sprain their ankle.

Those with trouble moving around at work

For many occupations, regularly walking over uneven ground like in construction or during landscaping can create many frightening moments on a daily basis from an ‘almost’ sprain. We work with these people to prevent these moments and restore their confidence on their feet.

Those with chronic ankle instability

One of the consequences of repeated ankle sprains is a condition called chronic ankle instability, where the supporting knee ligaments are left permanently weakened, making a person more vulnerable to repeated ankle sprains. This is where the Exo-Brace can work efficiently to prevent these sprains and enable people to move without thinking twice.

Those looking for an alternative to surgery

When surgery is your last resort to help repair your ankle strength and stability, the Exo-Brace may be better suited to help you prevent invasive surgery while delivering optimum sprain-free outcomes.

How Does The Exo-Brace Work?

The slimline Exo-Brace sits comfortably behind your ankle while being anchored via a strap to the outside of your shoe. The strap will only stretch so much - an amount that is predetermined together with your podiatrist during your assessment to see how the brace will work best for you. When you roll out on your ankle, and the supporting strap stretches, it will only be able to stretch a certain amount, stopping you from rolling over and damaging your ankle ligaments in a sprain. 

Exo-Brace Assessment & Custom Fit Process

  1. We start with an appointment with your podiatrist to see if the Exo-Brace is right for you, discuss all of your options, and answer all of your questions.
  2. Once we’re confident the Exo-Brace is right for you, we’ll perform a comprehensive foot and ankle assessment, including a video gait assessment and in-shoe pressure analysis. We finish this off with a 3D scan of your ankle.
  3. Your information is sent to Holland where your brace is designed.
  4. The design information is sent back to Australia, where it is 3D printed and finished off. 
  5. Once we get the brace back, we go through a fitting process, ensuring the brace has the right level of tension and is secured safely to your shoe, and you know how to take it on and off.

Where Can I Buy An Exo-Brace?

We are the exclusive prescribers of the Exo-Brace for the Brisbane area, so it is only available from our podiatrists.


Visit one of our Brisbane Podiatry clinics

If you would like to talk to one of our team, visit us at one of two Brisbane based locations, CBD & Newmarket.

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