Department of Veterans' Affairs

The Feet People are a registered provider of podiatry and foot care services to DVA clients

What is the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA)?

DVA is a department of the Australian Government that provides support, services and information for people who have served in defence of our nation, and their families. This includes, veterans and their dependants, serving and former serving ADF members, war widowers, Australian British Nuclear Tests participants, members of the Australian Federal Police, and students, teachers and historians. 

Who is eligible?

The Feet People are a proud supporter of DVA and are able to support and treat DVA clients if they hold either a DVA Gold Card or DVA White Card.

DVA Gold Health Card
DVA White Health Card

What we can do 

We understand that every patient is different, so our services are tailored to the individual. Both our podiatrists and our support team take the time to understand your goals and work out ways to achieve them.

Our range of services includes but is not limited to:

DVA require prior approval for some items like diabetic assessments and orthotics.

We can treat DVA clients in our clinics, or through our home visit services. Our mobile podiatry service is perfect for those looking for in-home treatment, as we can offer complete podiatry care, orthotics and footwear.

What we need from you

In order to see our podiatrists, you must get a DVA D904 referral from your GP, made out to The Feet People.

This referral will last for 12 months or a maximum of 12 visits, which ever comes first.

Once you have this referral form, book an appointment with us to start your foot health journey. 

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