Exo Up Brace

The EXO-Up Brace is a unique, comfortable and effective brace that is changing the lives of our patients with foot drop and other neurological conditions that cause weakness at the foot and ankle.

How Does The EXO-Up Brace Work?

Unlike traditional “bulky” braces, the EXO-Up has an innovative slimline design that gently cups the back of your ankle and connects via straps to the front of your existing shoes - meaning that for those who struggle to lift the foot and toes upwards to clear the ground when they walk, they’re finally able to walk with confidence and support from a discreet brace that is otherwise hardly noticeable. 

The EXO-Up is able to complete its action so effectively because it’s completely custom-made for your foot and ankle, being prescribed after a thorough assessment and 3D foot scan. The EXO-Up brace is the only one of its kind that works with you and your shoes - instead of you having to work with the brace and its requirements while a heavy device often weighs your foot down further, making it even harder for your muscles.

Who Is The EXO-Up Brace For?

The EXO-Up brace is for anyone that struggles to clear the ground with their feet when they walk due to muscle weakness in the lower legs, feet and ankles - leading to foot drop. We’ve been using it extensively in those with:

EXO-Up Brace Fitting Assessment Process

The EXO-Up brace is a custom device made from a thorough assessment of your lower limbs, paired with a 3D foot scan. As such, there are several steps to receive your brace:

What Are The Benefits Of Using An EXO-Up Brace?

The EXO-Up brace is much loved by those that use it, giving them the freedom and confidence to fill their days with the activities they love - without worrying about tripping, discomfort or injury. EXO-Up has various benefits, including:

Where Can I Buy An EXO-Up Brace?

EXO-Up braces are a high-quality medical device, meaning that they can only be ordered by podiatrists who are experienced in the technology and prescription process behind the brace. There are very few clinics that have this expertise in Queensland, and at the time of writing, we are the only clinic with the skill and access to this brace in central Brisbane. 


I haven’t been diagnosed with foot drop, but I do often trip over my feet at the end of a long day and my feet do often feel weak. Could the EXO-Up help me?

Yes it could. EXO-Up helps keep your toes from hitting the ground as you’re walking, so if this is the cause of you tripping and you’re experiencing end-of-day muscle weakness and fatigue, it could be an option for you. Our podiatrists will assess this at your appointment and present you with all of your options, including the EXO-Up if it’s suitable.

What do you mean when you say the brace is custom-made?

In order to design and manufacture the EXO-Up brace, we take a 3D scan of your foot and ankle and pair this with a careful and comprehensive assessment. This information is translated and collated by your podiatrist to create a unique prescription for the brace, which is then sent overseas to be designed, and then 3D printed with extreme precision.

 What kind of shoes should I be wearing the brace with?

The brace sits around the back of your ankle and attaches to the front of your shoes, with the two working together to produce its effects. We recommend wearing a supportive and comfortable closed-in shoe, and ideally, one that is lightweight. If you’re planning on getting a new pair of shoes, we can give you recommendations on the best shoes to match your foot type at your appointment. Then you can purchase the shoes before your next appointment and bring them along when the brace arrives so we can fit it to your shoes.

 How can the EXO-Up be so slim when other braces are so large?

While other foot drop braces act as one big clunky device, the EXO-Up works together with your shoe to give it everything you need to effectively prevent the effects of foot drop as you walk. Its slimline design is due to both this – as well as careful and thoughtful innovation in the design and functionality of the brace, with the creators understanding the frustrations that patients had with the large, heavy devices that were available on the market at the time.

 How often do I need to wear the brace?

Whenever you want to benefit from its effects of lifting the forefoot and helping your foot clear the ground when walking. For a lot of people, they choose to wear it throughout the day because they feel much better and more confident in it

How long does it take to get a brace?

It takes approximately three weeks to receive your brace. This allows for the design phase to occur in Holland, then for it to be printed in Australia, and shipped to our clinic.

Is the EXO-UP brace covered by my private health insurance?
While this comes down to your insurer, this is covered by many health insurer with the item code being F201. Please get in touch and check with your personal health insurer to confirm your coverage.


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