Custom Orthotics

Two hands holding two green custom foot orthotics

Custom orthotics can help to relieve the pain of a number of painful foot and leg conditions.

What are custom foot orthotics/insoles?

Custom foot orthotics are specialized shoe inserts that can help treat your foot and leg problems. The easiest way to explain their purpose, is that custom foot orthotics are similar in nature and role as prescription glasses, except for your feet. However, the prescription of customised foot orthotics can be used as a short, medium or long term treatment option depending on the severity and nature of your injury or condition.

Our podiatrists recommend custom-made foot insoles as these are modelled and designed specifically for your feet, to address and resolve your foot and leg problems.

How do custom foot orthotics work?

Our practitioners are in control of modelling your orthotic device every step of the way to we ensure you get the best possible outcome.

Our team understands that many injuries and conditions are often multifactorial problems that require a combination of treatments, so a key thing to note is that orthotics cannot be used in isolation as a treatment. Our podiatrists will often recommend foot orthotics as part of this combination of treatments, depending on the condition or pain you are experiencing. 

Ways in which custom-made foot orthotics can work include:

How they are made 

If your podiatrist thinks you will benefit from custom insoles in your treatment plan, we take a 3D laser scan of your feet. In the 'good old days' it use to be a much messier process that involved plaster casting, but now the podiatrist uses 3D modelling software to create your prescription device specific to your presenting problem. 

Our podiatrists are in control of modelling your orthotic device every step of the way so we ensure you get the best possible outcomes. We back every foot orthotic as we stand behind our clinical skills and will continue to work with you if you have any concerns regarding your orthotics.

Our team can even manufacture your orthotics into thongs — an essential for a hot, Brisbane summer. 

How do I know if I need orthotics 

Due to the broad spectrum of conditions that orthotics can be used to treat, unfortunately we cannot provide you with a simple yes or no answer. 

Hene we have put together a list of common conditions that benefit from the use of orthotics.

Common conditions include: 

If you are experiencing any kind of foot or lower limb pain or discomfort, then orthotics may play an important part in your treatment. The best way to find out if orthotics may be beneficial to you is by giving our support team a call, and booking in for a consultation with one of our podiatrists.


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