CombiPed Nail Brace

What Is CombiPed?

Ingrown toenails are a painful, frustrating and often recurring problem for up to 5% of Australians, including both adults and children. Traditionally, the primary treatments for ingrown nails has been to either conservatively manage the problem and remove the ingrown nail spicule as a one-off treatment, or to perform ingrown nail surgery to offer a permanent solution for recurring ingrown nail pain.

As a rapidly growing clinic that always aims to respond to the needs of our patients, we’re excited to have added another ingrown nail treatment to our range for those that want long-lasting relief but do not meet the criteria for (or do not want to have) a minor nail surgery. It’s an innovative nail bracing system called CombiPed. 

CombiPed is a nail correction system that restores a curved toenail that is prone to becoming ingrown or causing pain due to its shape, to a more natural and flatter shape. 

How Does CombiPed Work?

Combiped uses an adhesive wire where one side of the nail brace is gently hooked under the nail rim and the flat plastic pad is glued to the other side of the nail's surface of the ingrown toenail, promoting the natural, flatter growth of the nail. Due to its particularly flat shape and the lasting effect of the spring wire on the nail, the CombiPed corrective nail brace combines maximum comfort with optimal treatment results.

What Can CombiPed Help Treat?

We use CombiPed to help with ingrown toenails, involuted (pinched) nails, and anywhere where a curved position of the toenail is causing you foot pain or problems.

What Are The Benefits Of CombiPed?

Our patients love CombiPed because it:

What Does A CombiPed Appointment Look Like?

How Long Until I See Results With CombiPed?

We recommend using Onyfix for a minimum of 3 to 12 months to help you get the best, long-lasting results. Depending on how severely your toenail is curved, it may take longer and multiple strips may be required simultaneously, up to three or four, applied at six-weekly intervals. 

As the strip is applied to the base of the nail, as your nail grows, the strip will grow with it and continue to work. Both you and your podiatrist will be able to monitor progress over time and discuss the need for any extra applications. The strips are always barely noticeable on your nails and there’s no discomfort.


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