Best School Shoes In 2023 - According To Podiatrists

Best School Shoes In 2023 - According To Podiatrists

Posted 19 Jan '23

Feeling stuck on what to look for when you’re planning to buy your next pair of children’s school shoes?

School shoes are much more than a part of a child’s uniform or protection from the elements. By supporting good foot function, well-fitted school shoes can reduce how tired your kids feet and legs get after a long day at school, lessen their risk of certain injuries or pains - and may even help prevent problems like bunions, growing pains like Sever's Disease, claw toes and ‘pump bumps’ at the back of their heels.

So what makes a ‘good’ school shoe, and how do you know what is best for your child’s feet? Our Brisbane podiatrists work extensively with children - here’s our guide to help you find the best school shoes for your kids from what’s available in 2023.

Setting Up For Success: What To Do Before Going School Shoe Shopping

When you’ve committed to a day to go shopping for school shoes, there are a few must-do’s that will help make the selection process much easier:

School Shoe Shopping Day

Now that it’s shopping day, it’s time to know what features to look for that will best support your children’s feet throughout the year. Our podiatrists recommend:

Where Can You Find The Best School Shoes In Brisbane?

While we stock a range of fantastic women’s and men's shoes in our clinic, we don’t stock children’s shoes - yet. Some of our favourite stores to shop for school shoes include:

Best School Shoe Brands & Styles

While we do have some favourite brands and styles that tend to possess good school shoe features, it’s important to remember that every foot is different - and there is no one shoe that will fit everyone perfectly. This is why it’s so important to remember to always try on the shoe, check all the good shoe characteristics regardless of the brand you’ve chosen, and ensure the shoe feels comfortable, and the foot feels supported. Here are some school shoe brands and styles that our podiatrists love.

Podiatrist: Lawrence Taufahema

Shoe style recommendation: Colorado Solar or Roar SNR

“I've always been hard on shoes and as a child my parents needed to invest in a durable shoe otherwise we would be buying a pair a term and the dollars added up more had they just invested in a durable pair in the first place. The Colorado Solar or the Roar SNR are not only endorsed by The Australian Podiatry Association, but they're durable for a lunchtime play, presentable for formal occasions, and compliments a school uniform. I would also suggest having another pair of shoes for sport to ensure both pairs last the year or at least until your child's foot grows.” 

Podiatrist: Stephanie Bain 

Shoe style recommendation: Ascent Scholar 

“School shoes are the most important shoe your child will wear as this will be the shoe they spend the majority of their time in. The Ascent Scholar is a great option as the Ascent brand is known for creating ‘sports shoes in disguise’. The Ascent Scholar is a lightweight and comfortable shoe packed with support from the heel through the midfoot but also has an ample amount of cushioning and responsiveness. It has structure and flexibility in the right places making it a perfect option for your active child. The shoe comes in multiple sizes and widths, has an extra eyelet in the lacing system to allow for the ankle lock lacing technique and is deep enough (with a removable insole) to accommodate for a custom foot orthotic if necessary. The shoe is super durable and your child is most likely going to outgrow the shoe before it wears out.”

Podiatrist: Cristina Smundin

Shoe style recommendations: Ascent Apex 

“The Ascent Apex is a straight-lasted shoe, which encourages a neutral foot posture for your child. I like that this style of shoe can accommodate various widths of feet, ranging from standard D width to 2E width. The shoe has a firm heel counter, removable insole (essential if your child is wearing orthotics), and durable leather upper for everyday use. You can find the Ascent Apex at The Athlete’s Foot Stores and Blackwoods. The Ascent Apex retails for $119.99.” 

After You’ve Purchased Your School Shoes

First thing’s first: set a note in your calendar for six months’ times to review the fit and the condition of your child’s school shoes, assessing if they need any repairs or a bigger pair.

Next, once the school shoes are home, we recommend taking a week to gradually wear them in at home. Start with one hour around the house and increase by an hour each day. If they can wear their school shoes for five or six hours comfortably, it means the material has naturally adjusted for the demands of their feet, and they are good to go!

Unsure If Your Child Needs New School Shoes Yet?

If you’re unsure, always check, or bring their shoes in with them to their next appointment and our podiatrists can take a look. While it’s easy to presume that the shoes are still the right fit, a survey of over 2000 parents showed that 2 in 3 kids were wearing the wrong sized shoes - some up to two sizes too small. With over 1200 hours spent in school shoes a year - this can quickly lead to preventable pain and foot problems.

Worried About Your Child’s Feet?

If you’re concerned about your child’s feet, our experienced podiatry team is here to help. We love working with children and helping them stay active and happy on their feet. 

Book your appointment with our podiatry team online here or call us on (07) 3356 3579.

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