Ankle Strapping

Having to constantly be strapping your ankles can feel tiresome. Whether you’re going for a walk with your loved ones or regularly enjoy sports like netball, basketball and tennis, there comes a point where having to continuously rely on strapping tape to give you a feeling of stability and confidence on your feet is no longer a practical and sustainable solution.

This is where many of our patients have turned to the EXO-L ankle brace to have them covered at all times, with the EXO-L being proven to prevent up to 95% of all ankle sprains by simply and quickly putting on the custom-designed brace.

Strapping vs The EXO-L Brace: What’s The Difference?

Strapping must be applied to the ankle in a specific way to help stabilise the ankle and reduce the risk of ankle sprains. Especially when you’ve had multiple sprains in the past, having a level of protection against further sprains can be important in helping prevent problems like chronic ankle instability. Strapping tape must be applied and reapplied as needed, and cannot get wet, as the adhesive agents are often a cause of skin reactions when they get wet. The effectiveness of strapping tape is dependent on the firmness that it is applied with, as well as the strapping technique. This means that at times, the results and level of support can vary.

The EXO-L is a custom-prescribed brace that is made following a comprehensive assessment and a 3D scan of your foot and ankle. Unlike traditional “bulky” braces, it is very light and slimline, sitting behind your heel and ankle without pressing on the sides of your ankle, and connecting to your shoes. This gives you a lot more freedom of movement at your ankle - while the brace kicks in the moment you need it (much like a seatbelt) to effectively stop you from spraining your ankle.

How does the EXO-L ankle brace work?

The EXO-L brace is unique in its function - it acts as an extra supporting and stabilising ligament on the outside of your ankle, kicking into action at the very moment before your ankle ligaments are forcefully overstretched during a sprain, cradling the ankle and keeping it in a painless ‘safe’ zone. Prior to this, you barely notice the brace is on your ankle, and it is not noticeable beneath trousers. The brace is connected to your shoes through an external strap, which is how it gets to work any time your foot and ankle start to roll.

Who is suitable for the EXO-L ankle brace?

The EXO-L brace is well suited to anyone currently having to repeatedly strap their ankles for sports, outdoor activities, physical activity or any other circumstances due to the fear of rolling their ankles. This is often the case for those who have suffered multiple ankle sprains in the past, and those who have chronic ankle instability. It is also suitable for those with ankle hypermobility and anyone that wants a preventative measure to avoid potentially taking time off the activities they love due to sustaining an ankle sprain.

The EXO-L is a permanent solution to ankle strapping tape

Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, athlete, have a history of ankle sprains or just want the confidence of not having to watch the ground while you’re walking due to the fear of sprains (and not wanting the hassle of regularly applying and reapplying strapping tape to your ankles), then EXO-L may be an ideal, permanent solution for you to help keep you safe and supported on your feet.

What are the benefits of the EXO L ankle brace?

Our patients are loving the EXO-L brace as it:

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